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Artist: 1/3 OCTAVE BAND
Title: Tarakohe/Ritual Of Gravity
Format: 7"
Label: Fusetron
Country: USA
Price: $3.40
"Dense yet subtle sub-aquatic forcefields of sound from Bill Wood, who you also may recognize as an occasional member of New Zealands Birchville Cat Motel. This is his first somewhat available solo release after a self released CDR and lathe cut 7". Celebrate Psi Phenomenon will also be releasing a CD in the near future. This 7" single was pressed on ridiculously thick black vinyl in the Czech Republic and is a one time edition of 250 copies."- Fusetron. "Birchville Cat Motel-related project presents first-rate string-shiver drone pressed on a big thick chunk o vinyl. I think 45 RPM is the "correct" playing speed, but it sounds great at any of em: 78 RPM sends it whooshing through space, while 16 RPM sounds like Black Sabbath trying to worm their way out of a really good downer jam. Ah, the possibilites of sound . . . (let the lock groove spin at 78 for ten minutes and see what happens)" - Eddie Flowers. "Nice 7" of weird pulsing atmospheric music. This has a lot of personality and is more dynamic than droning. All for the best." -Scott Foust/Swill Radio. "If youve ever heard of New Zealand musician Bill Wood, chances are that it was related to his work with Campbell Kneales Birchville Cat Motel. But Bill has his own line of space rock/guitar drone/massive atmopsherics as well, and he records them as 1/3 Octave Band. Woods music is new to my ears but its highly impressive. He takes a very maxist approach to drones, filling the pulses of his endless frontiers with shifting arrays of instrumental intrigue and ominously pulsing lights. A great thing, and on that thick Czech vinyl that weighs about a pound. What more could you want?" - Byron Coley, WIRE.

Artist: 13TH CHIME
Title: The Singles 1981-1983
Format: LP
Label: Sacred Bones
Country: USA
Price: $14.25
"Sacred Bones is proud to announce the release of the 13th Chime singles collection. Long sought after by collectors, the UK band only released a scant three singles in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound°™a merging of deathrocks dark driving aggression and post-punks sparse arrangements°™reflected the realities of life in a small market town in the desolate political landscape of early 80s Britain. In cooperation with the band members Sacred Bones has collected 13th Chimes three singles plus rare never before heard demo recordings of °∞Tinker Man,°± °∞Radio Man,°± and °∞13th Victim.°± Detailed liner notes by Clive OGrady tell the entire story°™from schoolmates in the Suffolk town of Haverhill to tours with The Enid, Theater of Hate, support slots with The Adicts and Dead Kennedys, and an inevitable breakup, making friends and fans out of John Peel and The Groundhogs Tony McPhee along the way. Look out for the °∞Lost Album°± LP and °∞The Complete Discography°± CD later this summer." -Sacred Bones

Title: Die Welt der Musik
Format: LP
Label: Was Soll Das? Platten
Country: Germany
Price: $17.00
"This record was announced in 1983 for ZickZack records but never became reality. This is pure Minimal Synth Pop from Munich featuring wellknown writer/artist/moviemaker Christoph Schlingensief as well as Tobias Gruben (die Erde, Cyan Revue). Limited to 300 copies!!!" - Was Soll Das? Platten. One time edition of 300.

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