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Artist: X.0.4.
Title: Exile
Format: LP
Label: Open Mouth
Country: USA
Price: $12.00

Title: The Pyrognomic Glass
Format: LP/Booklet
Label: Memoirs Of An Aesthete
Country: UK
Price: $20.00
"The Xenis Emputae Travelling Band is Mr. Phil Legard of the halloweed borough of Yorkshire, England. He has been hard at work since 2001 making psychedelic folk-concrete inspired by the psychogeography and mythology of various secret regions of the British countryside. XETB has released plenty of CDRs and tapes over the years (all limited editions, long sold out etc etc) but, aside from one track on a Cold Spring Records CD, nothing at all in a "posh" format - something we at Memoirs thought we should do something about. We are, after all, classy folks and that. Mr. Legard is also a writer on various occult and esoteric matters, his most recent publication being a contribution to the new translation of "The Consecrated Little Book Of Black Venus" (Waning Moon Publications). He also has several other music projects, most notably The Neon Death Slittes and Pneumonic Consort. He is also, for his many sins, a frequent collaborator in Ashtray Navigations. "The Pyrognomic Glass" was originally released by us as a ltd. ed CDR back in 2005. By popular demand it is back, this time on vinyl, and including "Abital - or Conferences with the Genii of Nocturnal and Diurnal Dew in vii Chapters", a beautifully-printed 28 page chapbook by Mr Legard, most profitable to students of Natural Philosophy." -Memoirs Of An Aesthete

Title: Vigils
Format: LP
Label: Wierd
Country: USA
Price: $11.00
"Wierd Records is proud to announce the release of a vinyl edition of Xeno & Oaklanders Vigils EP, originally self-released by the band as a limited edition CDR in 2006, here remastered with a previously unavailable bonus track. Merging the cold, cinematic aesthetics of artist Liz Wendelbo with the architectural exactitude of Sean McBride (a.k.a. Martial Canterel), Xeno & Oaklander have been the sharpest spearheads of twenty-first-century minimal synth since their formation in 2004. Using analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively, the duo record all of their songs live in the studio, a challenge to the common practice of cut and paste recording where immediacy is often sacrificed in favor of a far-removed drag and drop electronic pop. Recorded in one continuous take on October 1st, 2006, and played to loving death by all of the DJs at the weekly Wierd party for the past four years, Vigils has long been a cornerstone and inspiration to a new young generation of electronic bands in the Brooklyn synth scene and beyond. Uptempo, echo-laden synthesizers and drum machines provide a spacious backdrop for Miss Lizs ephemeral vocal presence. Their melodic, mournful oeuvre is an invocation of a lost future that was abandoned years ago in favor of something less human. These 8 tracks are both fragile and psychedelic, suggesting an electronic equivalent of the British shoegaze bands while maintaining the wildly aggressive stripped-down, raw and unmediated spirit of punk and the seminal industrial noise groups that informed the ideals of the original wave of European minimal electronic bands." - Wierd.

Artist: XNO BBQX
Title: S/T
Format: Picture Disc LP
Label: Pulled Out
Country: Australia
Price: $15.00
"hangin with the local cops?? xnobbqx throw a few snags on the barbie for this prime slab of high art. Your stomach may be rumbling at first glance of this delectable picture disc...but dont be fooled.. xnobbqx tear the place apart like 100 rookie cops high on sugar and caffeine having mistaken your bbq block party for the meth lab down the street, by the time they realize (end of the first side) its pork buns & sausage sandwiches all round. but wheres the cheese? after the second half cooked curried sausage you wont even care that you cant score any more, cuffed against the wall begging them to turn it over for another blast xNoBBQx summed by their fans on YouTube... Fuck! Turn it off, turn it off. Morons. this is shit.. also available LP reissue of xnobbqx debut album sunshine of your love thru Siltbreeze." - Pulled Out.

Title: Network
Format: CD
Label: Impulsy Stetoskopu
Country: Poland
Price: $12.00
"the twenty committee was my project with chris scarpino; it ran from 1981-1985. network was my first lp release and the first classic of my long career. it was the second xx committee release following a cassette, steel negro music, on arph records. network was originally supposed to appear on charles balls lust/unlust label but it went bust (unbust). luckily, a couple of weeks after we heard the terrible, terrible news, thermidor records got in touch and ended up releasing the lp. our idea was simple one. we wanted to strip industrial music, which we both enjoyed, of all of its rock moves and create a music that sounded like idealized heavy industrial machinery. we thought the repetition of our music, as well as the sound, was a radical critique of the exploitive nature of work under consumer-capitalism. we wanted to make machine-like anthems of negativity, but like the sound of heavy machinery, with a stark and powerful beauty. thats what we thought, anyway. the record sank without a trace. chris got disillusioned over the actual opportunity to make good art and make a living and went into engineering. ive stayed the course. it seems like he may have been right. at any rate, this is a nicely done and fully authorized re-issue by the polish label impulsy stetoskopu. numbered edition of 250 copies, well mastered from the lp. nice digipak reproduction of the cover with photos on the inside." - Scott Foust (Story Of Failure, Idea Fire Company, Tart, Shadow Ring, Pickle Factory, Anschluss, Swill Radio, etc..). “25th anniverary” edition of the 1983 LP originally released on Joe Carduccis legendary Thermidor label.

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